Budget Sheet Metal Engineering

The team has a solid leadership in the form of qualified and experienced directors: an industrial engineer, a mechanical engineer, a system analyst and a strategic economist, who have worked together for over 20 years. Clients can draw directly from their available expertise to find solutions to their product design, development and manufacture requirements. A production Manager oversees the drawing office and the workshop staff. Enthusiastic draughtsmen follow projects from the initial prototype stage to large batch manufacture, making use of the latest technology. The workshop staff executes their functions with pride resulting in reduced errors and improved quality. A seasoned sales team provides quotes and ensures the timely execution of orders. Administrative staff members offer the rest of the functions for the best possible service to clients.

Our Leaders

The team’s amalgamation and its relationships with clients are overseen by:


(N.D.Mech.Eng.(Wits Tech) (SA), N.C.C.M.A. (CMEB) (SA), SAIME, UACM (SA), SAIM).


  • After five years in the engineering and administrative fields Claudio joined a specialist IBM
    (ISM) manufacturing consultancy firm wherein he gained ten years’ experience as a
    computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) consultant, providing solutions primarily to
    manufacturing companies in the beverage, motor vehicle, mining, pharmaceutical,
    electronic, armament and aviation industries.
  • Claudio obtained his experience locally and abroad, represented API (EU) in South Africa
    for two years, promoting business relations between Italy and South Africa.
  • For the last 10 years at Budget Sheet Metal, Claudio provides product design and
    development as solutions to clients, overseeing projects and long term business

The team’s strategic planning and financial stability is provided by:


(B.Comm. (UNISA) (SA), S.A.I.M., PM.mfsa ).


  • Her career started in the manufacturing industry, with five years spent in the highly
    technical spheres of coin mechanisms, power supplies and cathode ray tubes.
  • Ketti established new avenues for the importation of the latest electronic consumer goods
    into South Africa before setting up businesses in the food manufacturing and distribution
    industry, in Singapore and South Africa, enjoying ten years in this complex industry.
  • Ketti served as President for a NGO which uplifted youth and created sustainable small
    business opportunities for the under-privileged.
  • With over 10 years at Budget Sheet Metal, Ketti is part of the team that has re-positioned the
    company as a leader in its class.

The team’s production backbone and technically innovative growth is provided by:


(ND Industrial Engineering (UNISA) (SA), S.A.I.M., S.A.I.M.H., Yachtmaster Offshore (R.Y.A.) (U.K.).


  • Sietse started his manufacturing career in charge of production in the food manufacture and
    distribution industry, having gained eight years of technical experience from the yachting
    industry, which also afforded him the opportunity of travelling the world.
  • Sietse gained his in-depth manufacturing experience designing and building manufacturing
    plants for various industries with emphasis on automation, quality and efficient work flows.
  • With over 10 years at Budget Sheet Metal, Sietse provides invaluable product design and
    development knowledge to clients whilst heading and motivating the drawing and
    production staff.

Information technology and human resource requirements are fulfilled by:


(B.Sc. (WITS) (SA), B.Comm. (UNISA) (SA), SAIM).


  • Sigrid gained in excess of twenty years’ experience in the corporate I.T. environment, as a
    programmer, systems analyst and application software developer for Nixdorf, Siemens
    Nixdorf and its specialist partners providing software solutions to the manufacturing
  • For the last 10 years at Budget Sheet Metal, Sigrid has provided internal IT support and
    mathematical models for analysis and forecasts, whilst managing human resources, payroll
    and related statutory requirements.

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